Current Australian Giant Pumpkin Records

Australian Record Atlantic Giant Pumpkin 743kg grown by Dale Oliver (2015 NSW)

State Records

  • QLD 361.5kg grown by Tony Frohloff 2020

    • Previously 355.2kg grown by Russell Vogel in 2018

      • Previous 339kg grown by Geoff and Tony Frohloff 2016

  • NSW 743kg grown by Dale Oliver 2015

  • Victoria 385.1kg grown by Phillip McCauley 2012

  • Tasmania 553.5kg grown by Shane Newitt 2019

    • Previous 455.5kg grown by Shane, Bella and Jess Newitt 2018

  • WA (no paperwork submitted so not certified by AGPVS but weighed at Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival) 361kg Robert Giumelli 2018

    • Previous 313kg Amarah and Kelsey Freemantle 2017

  • SA 440kg grown by Ken & Rosemary Holden 2003

  • NT - no known record

Giant Green Squash 612kg grown by Dale Oliver (2015 NSW)

Heavy Field Pumpkin (uncertified) 25 kg grown by Phillip McCauley (2013 VIC)

Heavy Vegetable Marrow 38.0 kg grown by Phillip McCauley (2015 VIC)

Heavy Stock Gramma - no known record

Heavy Gourd 42.8 kg grown by Robert Weber (2001 VIC)

While many local agricultural shows have categories for heavy table pumpkins and zucchini marrows, the results are rarely reported back to AGPVS. We can confirm/certify any claims that are forwarded to us, but do not consider ourselves to be well informed on the heaviest table pumpkins and zucchini marrows that have been grown in Australia and rely on the agricultural show to have correctly identified the variety which was weighed. 

  • Queensland blue 24.6kg (1998 VIC)

  • Cushaw squash 9.2kg (VIC)

  • Butternut 10kg (WA)

  • Heavy Zucchini marrow (Courgette) 5kg (1997 VIC)

  • 34.8kg Grey Table Pumpkin from Queensland Blue heritage (open pollinated near Atlantic Giant pumpkins) grown by Melody Cameron (2018 NSW)

Heaviest Fruits:

  • Heaviest avocado 1.990kg

  • Heaviest Watermelon 102.0kg grown by Geoff Frohloff (2019 QLD)

    • Previous (uncertified) 95 kg grown by Galen Pettigrew (2001)

  • Heaviest citron / pie melon 29.78kg grown by Geoff Frohloff (2018 QLD) 

  • Heaviest Cantaloupe (uncertified) 12.3kg grown by Ben Surma

    • AGPVS certified heaviest cantaloupe 10.5 kg grown by Ned Katich (1982 WA)

  • Heaviest Tomato (uncertified) 2.2 kg grown by Rodney Leadbetter

  • Heaviest Eggplant (aubergine) 1.738 kg grown by Sam Trotta (2011 VIC)

  • Heaviest sweet pepper (Capsicum) - no known record

  • Heaviest chilli pepper - no known record

  • Heaviest Cucumber (C. sativus) - no known record​


Heaviest Root Vegetables:

  • Mangel (Fodder) Beetroot (yellow or red) 11 kg grown by Phillip McCauley (2013 VIC)

  • Table Beetroot 1.2kg (1997 VIC)

  • Kohlrabi 7.72kg grown by Michael Stillman (2014 QLD)

  • White radish 17.2 kg grown by Frank Litterini (1992 South Australia) - certified by Guinness World Records

  • Red radish 8.3kg grown by Margaret & Douglas Hutchison (2019 QLD)

    • Previously 675g grown by Marie Kalkaus (2017 QLD)

  • Carrot 3.99kg (1980 NSW)​

  • Parsnip - no known record

  • Turnip (uncertified) 18.3kg grown by Roger Bignell (2018 TAS)

    • AGPVS certified Turnip 1.554kg grown by Melody Cameron (2017 NSW)

  • Swede 2.960kg grown by John Leadbetter (2016 NSW)

  • Onion 1.6kg (1997 VIC)

  • Leek - no known record

  • Garlic - no known record

  • Elephant Garlic 0.813kg grown by Melody Cameron (2016 NSW)

  • Sweet Potato (uncertified) 13kg (approx) grown by Gino Farronato (NSW)

  • Potato (uncertified) 1.187 kg grown by Liz Taylor


Heaviest Leafy Vegetables:

  • Heaviest Celery - no known record

  • Heaviest Green Cabbage (uncertified) 17.4kg grown by Three Ryans [business name] (2020 WA)

    • Previously Heaviest Green Cabbage (uncertified) 10kg (approx) grown by Gino Farronato (2010 NSW)

  • Heaviest Red Cabbage - no known record

  • Heaviest Cauliflower (with leaves, but should be trimmed) (uncertified) 8kg (approx) grown by Gino Farronato (2010 NSW)

  • Heaviest Kale - no known record

  • Heaviest Silverbeet - no known record

  • Heaviest radicchio (uncertified) 2.5kg (approx) grown by Gino Farronato (2013 NSW)

  • Heaviest Rhubarb single leaf 0.43kg (1997 VIC)

Longest Fruits:

  • Long Zucchini (Courgette) 99cm (1997 VIC)

  • Long Tromboncino 144cm grown by Tilisha Chen (aka Teresa Boyd) (2018 VIC)

    • Previous 126.3cm by Fiona Duthie (2017 QLD)

  • Longest bugle / trombone gramma - no known record

  • Longest Cucumber (C. sativus) - no known record

  • Longest Armenian Cucumber (C. melo) 130.5cm grown by Keegan Meyers (2016 SA)

  • Long Gourd 3.080 metres grown by Ben Surma (NSW 2012)

  • Long Pepper (sweet or hot) - no known record


Longest Root Vegetables:

  • Carrot 227.0cm (2.270m) (1997 VIC)

  • Parsnip - no known record

  • Beetroot - no known record


Longest pods:

  • Runner Bean - no known record

  • Snake bean (cowpea) 77.5cm grown by Marie Kalkaus (2017 QLD)

    • Previous 65.0cm grown by Marie Kalkaus (2017 QLD)

  • Longest Corn Cob (husk intact) - no known record

  • Longest Corn Cob (dehusked) - no known record


Tall plants:

  • Tall Corn (EGVGA rules for measuring) 446cm by Michael Stillman (2014 QLD)

  • Tall Sunflower 5.00 metres grown by Paul Latham (2001 VIC)


Produce per plant:

  • Number of sunflower heads on a single plant - 82  grown by Paul Latham (VIC)

  • Number of corn cobs on a single plant - no known record



  • Sunflower Head (Wide) 19.5 inches (49.5cm) grown by Paul Latham (2016 VIC)



  • Gourd Circumference 1.770m grown by Robert Weber (2001 VIC)

Vegetable and Fruit Records, last updated 19/01/2020

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